Nursery, Greenhouse & Gift Shop

Located just 7 miles south of Viroqua 

S7301 US 14/61, Readstown, Wi        (608) 629-5975

2014 View of Nursery

Our Second Nature at Reads Creek Story...

​​​​​​In 2014 the idyllic Reads Creek property was purchased with big dreams, an open mind and above all a deep rooted desire to share this stunning place with others in the community. The progression of farmstead, to Arboretum, to retail nursery has been a fitting narrative for a place anchored in natural beauty and steeped in a tradition of botanical bounty.

Owners David and Jen Tubbin relish the occasion to write that next chapter in the story that is Reads Creek. Combining several successful business endeavors (in the past a thriving landscape company and currently an artful and inspirational home décor business), with the golden-ticket opportunity that the scenic setting of Reads Creek offers. This lays the groundwork for a union of authentic effort focused on the right place at the right time.

David and Jen’s vision for the property seeks to honor the community minded spirit exemplified by Royce Jones when he planted the Arboretum and opened his doors to us all.  This, combined with the tradition of an expansive plant selection, which was the cornerstone of the flourishing nursery that was operated here by Bill Kappler and Lisa Ashley. 

They hope to blend these attributes and histories into a truly distinctive destination nursery and garden center. A place that epitomizes the very essence of the Driftless area. A place to wander and wonder. A gardener’s vacation. A place most importantly for you.

David and Jen were joined in this adventure by Ronda Dallmann, a locally established garden designer with a near clinically obsessive tendency towards garden literature. Ronda was instrumental in designing and laying out the blueprint of the nursery in the infancy phase, and gave our plants a strong start as we started to build the dream in the valley.  Now in 2020, after surviving multiple floods and of working hard to repair, rebuild and restore, we are so excited about what the future will bring!  Landscape Designer Sara Washburn has joined our team with unbridled enthusiasm and a welcomed set of hard working hands to help Dave meet the needs of the community. We are excited to be working with an amazing crew of people with a passion for plants, and the possibilities are endless!

Many of us in this area are wind-blown seeds to this area. Transplants if you will, sensing deep fertile soil to sink our roots in, seeking an alliance with the authentic beauty that defines the Driftless area. Our desire to share with the community the aesthetic abundance in which we find ourselves is really a meager offering of gratitude. Astounding gratitude for allowing us to contribute to your collective history of the place.

We will endeavor to shatter your expectations, and seed by seed, pot by pot, garden by garden we will develop into the vision you’ve inspired us to reach for.

We are humbled by your interest in watching us grow.

same view - RECENT View of Nursery