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should i invest in landscaping if I'm trying to

sell my home?

  • John Harris, a landscape economist, has said that updated landscaping and lawn care can boost a home’s value by up to 28 percent, and have it sold 10 to 15 percent quicker.
  • A well manicured landscape gives the first impression that you have taken care of your home, inside and out​
Second Nature at Reads Creek stone wall design and plantings
Landscaping design by Second Nature at Reads Creek designer Sara Washburn

Improve the Value of Your Home 

what is the best use of my time and money?

  • ​Work with a landscape professional to make an improvement plan...matching the right plants and design with your home style makes all the difference                                       Call us at 608-629-5975
  • Sprinkle in some colorful annuals around the home.  For just a few dollars, this can really improve the appearance.  Use our potting bench to create the perfect color combination for your home.
  • Cut fresh edges around beds and along the driveway so there is a nice clean border.
  • Freshen up your mulch and be sure to make it is 2-3 inches thick. Ours is double ground and free of dyes and other chemicals which is a great selling point to prospective home buyers.
  • Replace dying bushes with healthy stock from our nursery, and get advice for the best ones based on sun exposure and placement around your home.
  • Consider a focal point in your yard for entertaining, like a natural stone patio around a fire circle. We can even create a design and do a digital walk through for you!
Landscaping by Sara Washburn of Second Nature at Reads Creek